cape morris

Cape Morris ERP


Creation of a tool for the management and analysis of the most important processes at the agency. The system makes it possible to manage projects from the side of revenues and costs, including the working time.


So as to answer our own, internal brief, we have created a web application.​ ​

It makes it possible to create and manage projects – issue invoices, send documents, accept cost invoices and issue orders to contractors.

In order to monitor the working time on individual projects, we have created a Timesheet module. It makes it possible to see to the minute how much work does each of the tasks require, and thus to monitor the projects’ profitability.

So as to facilitate the work of project creators, it is possible to generate extensive reports using the Intranet. Thanks to them, the monitoring of profitability is even easier and does not require as much time as a manual collection and calculation of data.

So as to facilitate the internal communication, we have created a newsfeed which provides information on current events from the life of the agency. It makes it possible to publish updates and attach files.


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