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Creation of a tool for medical representatives that allows for a more attractive presentation of products. The tool is to make it possible for the marketing department to control the materials in order to ensure their validity and compliance with legal requirements.​


Knowing that both parties using the tool have completely different needs, we have prepared an application for iPads for the representatives and an administration panel available via an Internet browser for the marketing department.


Created with the marketing department in mind. ​
A web application making it possible to:​

  • Upload presentations in various forms: from traditional PDF presentations to videos and interactive HTML presentations​,
  • Manage presentation application users along with a personalised access to the resources,


Created with the needs of medical representatives in mind.​ ​

The application makes it possible to present materials in the form of interactive presentations, static images and videos. Prepared materials are available offline. It is updated once the tablet or other device has access to the Internet.

A simple, intuitive interface of the application makes it possible to prepare one’s own materials tailored for specific presentations. Users may themselves choose slides from among various available presentations and combine them into a coherent whole.​ ​

The application was implemented in Chiesi and UCB.​ ​​

It is available for Android and iOS systems.


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